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Montana Cans GOLD provides superb handling, ideal for photorealistic works. This versatile, fast drying spray color provides excellent opaque coverage of pure, brilliant color. The spray cans work with a level cap system, allowing for both low- and high-pressure performance in the same can: go from low-pressure output for working in thin lines and fine detail to high-pressure output for easily filling in larger areas. It is suitable for indoor work, as the atomized spray is reduced to a minimum and is nearly odor-free. A colored ring at the top of the can that identifies the color inside so you can easily identify your color and visualize your palette.

Suitable for application on canvas, wood, concrete, metal, glass or even flexible surface, 1 can covers 25 sq. ft., depending on surface porosity, Matte finish provides non-reflective appearance, Formulated to withstand seasonal weather, 360° spray nozzle allows you to paint from any angle, even upside down, 100% lead and CFC free, Dries to the touch in as little as 15 minutes for fast, convenient use

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$6.99 - $7.31