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Designed for tattoo artists, this set features a mixture of traditional drawing materials and innovative mixed media supplies. It features an assortment of graphite and Nero pencils, copy pencil, drawliners and brush pens, and accessories. You can incorporate water brush pens and acrylic pump markers with your graphite and colored pencil drawings. Everything you need to create superior mixed media drawings and sketches is here.

Cretacolor®-Content: Cleos Fine Art Graphite Pencil, HB, B, 9B, Nero Pencil, extrasoft, soft, medium hard, extrahard, Copying Pencil, graphite, medium, Twin Tip-Pencil, Non-Photo blue/Nero medium
MOLOTOWTM-Content: Blackliner, permanent, 1.0 & 0.5 mm, Aqua Color Brush, vermilion + KUM® Ultra clean eraser, black

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